Welcome to my blog.  I have been thru so much in the past few years and I thought one day that if I could document some of my experiences, feelings, situations that I had been thru and struggled with or overcome MAYBE I could help one other person do the same.  

Communication has always been important to me.  It is a healthy way of expressing yourself and aids in dealing with things and the healing process.   That is why we have Therapists! I have been told I should have been a Therapist.  Having the ability to think things thru and be rational is a great trait.  I lost that for many years dealing in an unhappy relationship which lead to depression and unhappiness and eventually 2 suicide attempts.  

I look back now on it all and am so happy I had the strength to regain my positive attitude, realize again that I DO matter, I do contribute in society in a positive way and all this has made made me a happier, better person and mother.

I have toyed with keeping a journal in hopes of compiling a book about my experiences and started doing it years ago but life is busy with multiple jobs and three kids..I slacked on my journal attempts,  so here I am blogging about it.  Its a permanent record of my feelings and experiences I hope for someone at least 1 person to read and my goal would be to help them thru a tough time.  To let them know they are not alone in what they feel or crazy for feeling how they do.  

I will try to blog daily about my feelings and experiences and how I dealt with them. I hope you enjoy reading them and welcome any feedback or questions you may have for me!




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