For as long as I can remember back in my life I remember strongly the feeling of loneliness. Seemingly forever feeling alone.  To overcome and understand this feeling is important.  In my blog, I am not at all trying to be negative or sad but to talk about feelings, situations and experiences I’ve had throughout my life that now at the age of 46, looking back at them and realizing how I didnt know how to ask for help, or have someone special to talk to.  How I now hope to utilize my situations to help others who may be in a similar situation and reading my posts can help them to hold tightly to the positive.  



5 thoughts on “Loneliness….

    • Thanks! I agree. Listening to others years ago in my first group therapy session changed me and opened my eyes to all I should be grateful for… Listening to truly heartbreaking stories of drugs, abuse really made me realize I wasn’t as bad off as I thought. Sharing experiences I’ve learned is not only a part of therapy but healing. I was always afraid to say how I felt and that started me on my road to depression. Never again. I love to listen to others and give advice now. That’s why I wanted to blog. To be able to help others is truly a great feeling!!

      • That’s wonderful to share your stories in helping others. And you’re right we think our problems are the end of the world but there is always someone worse off than us.

        Good Luck on your journey and I’m looking forward to your blog posts. We all need inspiration.

      • You’re welcome and Keep on Killing it…I say this to myself all the time to keep myself focused…”We’re (40 & up), like fine wine, we get better with time.” We are “a envier” (to be envied).

        At our age we’ve been through so much and are still standing, looking/feeling fantastic…that’s some good stuff! lol

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