About My Page

This is the first attempt by me to track situations and instances in my life that now, at age 46 looking back, made me realize the things and choices I made to get me to where I am today.  How  I’ve overcome single handedly some of the darkest days I’ve ever had.  I am today a hard working, single mother of three daughters, finally in control of my life, choices, self worth and it feels great.  I know now I CAN succeed on my own. And in the 3.5 years since I left and divorced my ex of 22 years I have grown into the real me.  The woman who is again self confident, sure of herself and independent.  A woman who has grown tremendously as a person, woman, mother because of all I have been thru.  I am thankful for god for helping me remain strong enough even in the worst times to know I am capable of more and I deserve better.

Me and my baby girl

Me and my baby girl   They are my motivation for everything I do.  





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