For as long as I can remember back in my life I remember strongly the feeling of loneliness. Seemingly forever feeling alone.  To overcome and understand this feeling is important.  In my blog, I am not at all trying to be negative or sad but to talk about feelings, situations and experiences I’ve had throughout my life that now at the age of 46, looking back at them and realizing how I didnt know how to ask for help, or have someone special to talk to.  How I now hope to utilize my situations to help others who may be in a similar situation and reading my posts can help them to hold tightly to the positive.  




Welcome to my blog.  I have been thru so much in the past few years and I thought one day that if I could document some of my experiences, feelings, situations that I had been thru and struggled with or overcome MAYBE I could help one other person do the same.  

Communication has always been important to me.  It is a healthy way of expressing yourself and aids in dealing with things and the healing process.   That is why we have Therapists! I have been told I should have been a Therapist.  Having the ability to think things thru and be rational is a great trait.  I lost that for many years dealing in an unhappy relationship which lead to depression and unhappiness and eventually 2 suicide attempts.  

I look back now on it all and am so happy I had the strength to regain my positive attitude, realize again that I DO matter, I do contribute in society in a positive way and all this has made made me a happier, better person and mother.

I have toyed with keeping a journal in hopes of compiling a book about my experiences and started doing it years ago but life is busy with multiple jobs and three kids..I slacked on my journal attempts,  so here I am blogging about it.  Its a permanent record of my feelings and experiences I hope for someone at least 1 person to read and my goal would be to help them thru a tough time.  To let them know they are not alone in what they feel or crazy for feeling how they do.  

I will try to blog daily about my feelings and experiences and how I dealt with them. I hope you enjoy reading them and welcome any feedback or questions you may have for me!